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#UNMUTED is a series that showcases both real and influential people releasing their inner voices in the most intimate part of NYC, the subway. The project launched to promote community and equality in an age where mass media has created a superficial reality of our humanity.

A guerilla-style production, we reach out to those who have experienced hardship and pushed through by advocating for self love. We ask them to share a message close to their heart to inspire others and stand in their unique and true selves.

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We chose Antique Olive for our logo word mark for it’s humanist and antique qualities, speaking to the nature of this project as we are human first.

We use Suisse International, another humanist typeface, as a nod to the NYC subway where this project was conceived. It’s relatively minimal appearance allows the viewer to focus on the stories, content, and messages of each speaker.


#UNMUTED champions raw honesty, unfiltered and unapologetic moments, vulnerability and integrity – we choose to reflect that in our creative choices.

We shoot documentary style, guerrilla, low-fi, and in black and white. Speeches are under two minutes long, and we capture real moments and reactions.

Screen Shot 2019-08-06 at 8.17.31 PM.png Mental Health Is Important #worldmentalhealthday A message on #nationalcomingoutday ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜@_chaunc #lovewins


Alexandra Gavillet (Co-founder and Director) and myself (Creative Director) work in tandem and share many responsibilities on this project. I was involved in casting/PR, production, branding, design, art direction, motion for social posts, editing video content, directing and more.

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