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AANTONYM SERIES: Copy 01 – Alter Ego, a study on dichotomy and the self.

AANTONYM is a series of creative projects by the NYC duo, Alyssa Buono (Art Director/Designer) and Andrew Kung (Photographer). Their project series explores the narrative between contrasting concepts and ideas.






The first issue, "Copy 1 – Alter Ego", showcases the study of dichotomy and the self. Emilia, their main character, plays two opposing egos. The egos aid in shaping the storyline, which illustrates the universal struggle of battling our inner voices and self-doubt in our society.

Nike's broader concept of competing with yourself and pushing your limits (that is evident in their advertising), made a great match to convey their concept. They pulled clean, minimal, black and white wardrobe pieces to unveil the push and pull of the egos. Contrast was the core theme of the duos photography and design approach. They used symmetry in the layout and photography, with adjustments in color and composition, to illustrate the connect and disconnect amongst the egos. They alternated white space with condensed patterns and photos to amplify the rising and falling actions within the story. Placing organized and structured images against the fluidity and raw emotion in the brush strokes added to the juxtaposition in the layout. The lighting and gestures worked together, infusing physical and emotional depth into every frame.

The storyline begins with a calm and clear divide between the protagonist and the antagonist. As the narrative progresses, the images become increasingly chaotic. The egos struggle for power, and the protagonist is ultimately confined by the antagonist. She looks to her inner self to conquer the doubts imposed by her alter ego and by the end, the protagonist prevails with the caveat that another inner struggle is introduced.

This is AANTONYM's commentary on how an alter ego–symbolic of our inner thoughts and insecurities–can reappear and manifest itself in many forms.

Alyssa Buono: Creative Direction, Art Direction, Design, Copy, Photo Retouching, Production
Andrew Kung: Creative Direction, Photography, Production
Photo Assistants: Cam Robert, Emanuel Hahn, Sumire Takamatsu
Stylist: Queena Yan
Makeup: Lexi Doto
Lead Model: Emilia Modeste
Model: Toni Green
Production Assistants: Pauline Trinh, John Ip



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